(National Council of Science Museums)
Ministry of Culture,Govt. of India
Tirunelveli - 627 009
Phone: +91 462 2500256
Email: dsodsct@bsnl.in
Galleries and Science Parks
Fun Science Gallery
The gallery exhibits explain the principles of science which are directly related to the science curriculum. Head on a Platter, Infinity Well, Seebeck’s Siren, Vanishing Doll, are a few notable exhibits.
Popular Science Gallery
The gallery explains the basic science related to daily life. Liquid Storm, Square Wheels, Jumping Disc, Air Cannon, Magic Water Tap few attractions.
Electronics Gallery
The gallery has exhibits on modern electronics starting from flow of electrons to the role of electronics in present day communication technology. Digital wall, RFID, Sensors, Virtual makeover, and Satellite Communication are some exhibits here.
New wing of Electronics Gallery
This extension is added to the existing Electronics Gallery on 21st December, 2011. 16 more exhibits were added to the excellence of application part of electronics. Transducers, Smart Room, Weather Forecast, Solar Car, GPS, Team Quiz and many entertain visitors and educate students as well.
Mirror Magic Gallery
A maze made with number of mirrors gives the visitors an opportunity to understand the principles of reflection and image formation and challenges them to find their way out. .
Science Park
In a lush green surrounding with more than 500 trees and plants the science park is a place to learn and enjoy science in a serene atmosphere. Interactive and participatory exhibits on mechanics, sound, illusions etc. are spread over the large science park inviting visitors to play with them. A dinosaur park and animal corner is an added attraction
Pre-historic Park
Different prehistoric animal models including the dinosaurs’ having movement and sound animation are displayed in a created environment. A walk through experience is a must for all visitors.
Television Studio
Enter the studio and transfer yourself virtually to a location under the sea or on snow filled mountain tops. This explains the photographic effects which we see normally in films and Television serials.
3 D-Theatre
This facility is one of its kinds in this part of the country. Visitors can enjoy 3D immersive where the characters come out from the static screen right in front of their eyes. The shows are conducted every hour at the Centre for the general public & school groups.