(National Council of Science Museums)
Ministry of Culture,Govt. of India
Tirunelveli - 627 009
Phone: +91 462 2500256
Email: dsodsct@bsnl.in
Sky Observation Programme
Sky observation is done from daily from 6:30 PM onwards subjected to clear visibility of sky. Visitors can observe different heavenly bodies like planets, nebulae, binary stars through a Celestron 9 inch telescope. On request, it can be arranged at school or institute campus also.
Vacation Hobby Programme
During vacation, students can spend their time usefully learning science in a non-formal mode for a nominal fee. The programmes are on Astronomy, Chemistry, Science Toy Making and Electronics. Participants are given certificates at the end of the programme.
Commemorative Events
Birth days of famous scientists and other commemorative days such as World Environment Day, International Museums Day, World Science Day, National Science Day, AIDS Day etc. are celebrated for defined target groups
Science Demonstration Lectures
These are interactive lectures in which demonstrations on different topics such as Electricity and Magnetism, Liquid Nitrogen, Science is Fun etc are done for specific target groups. These lectures carry science to masses effectively as the participants have the opportunity to see science in action.
Community Training Programmes
These programmes are organised periodically targeting unemployed youth, housewives etc. Training is given in a particular field by experts in bakery training, soap making, dye making, antenna making etc. These programmes are aimed to make the youth self dependent or to improve their profession.
Heart Beat Rate Demonstration
It is programme meant for children below 13 years. Using stethoscope, the heart beat of Rabbit, Guinea pig and Man are compared. Rabbit and Guinea pig are grown in Pet corner for this special purpose.
Science Fair
This is an annual event which is held every year for school students where they exhibit their innovative skills through science models.
Science Quiz
Science Quiz contests are held every year for the high school students. The Inter District Quiz Contest particularly attracts a large number of students from different areas.
Water Rocket
Every year from 4th Oct to 10th Oct during the International space week celeberations in collaboration with ISRO a Water Rocket design contest is organized for school students.